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kite landboarding

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Course duration is 1 day

Robin Snuggs BKSA Event

Our kite land boarding lessons last for around 5-6 hours. Kite land boarding is a full on adrenaline sport that has grown mainly from the sport of kite surfing. The board of choice for kite landboarding is a mountain board with large tyres, and foot straps. The idea behind the sport is very similar to kitesurfing as far as kite and board control go, although, obviously it is done on the land and not in the water.

                                Kite Landboarding

We aim to get you moving from point A to point B and back again, we teach you about safety, how to set up and pack up your kit and have a full understanding of how the sport works. As you progress throughout the day, and your kite skills become better, it will be time for your first go on the landboard. Using the kite to provide power, you will soon be up and cruising around. Our course is tailored to progress you as far as possible on the day, sending you away able to go out by yourself and enjoy this truly awesome sport. No previous experience in kite flying or landboarding is needed.  If you already have some knowledge of kite flying or have a landboard and want to really find out how it works we can suit the course to your needs.

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