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kite buggying

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Course duration is 1 day

Kite Buggying Portland BillKite buggying or parakarting has been around since the 80’s, it’s a relatively small sport compared with big brother kite surfing. However there is a large number of kite buggyiers in the UK ranging from recreational to full on race pilots. Buggying can be done on a number of surfaces including grass, sand, ice and tarmac; there are some early pictures of buggies with floats on adding water to the list. It is a sport you can do in your lunch break doing wheelies and 360’s or spend all day speeding around hitting 50mph plus. Its for the faint hearted light user to full adrenaline junkie! Our courses are designed to get you moving from point A to point B and back again, we teach you to set up and pack up your kit and have a full understanding of how the sport works, sending you away able to go out by yourself and enjoy the sport. Learning to Kite Buggy at PortlandThe course is tailored to progress as far as possible on the day. If you already have some knowledge of kite flying or have a buggy and want to really find out how it works we can suit the course to your needs. If you get the buzz for the sport, you can head towards being a full race pilot, taking on other courses or just safely cruise round your local buggy field or beach not tying yourself in a knot!

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