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Weymouth & Portland Kite Surfing Club

The original club (Vulture Bank) was started by Neil Godbold & Derek Johnson back in 2001 and was set up with an aim to regulate the sport of kite surfing in Portland Harbour and to meet the needs of Portland Port who own the location. In the early days the club arranged several kite surfing trips to various global locations as far afield as the Philippines and closer to home in Portugal

In 2005 the club broke from the Paracademy to become the Weymouth & Portland Kite Surfing Club as you see today and at the same time Spencer White took over the Paracademy and it became the Paracademy Extreme.

Weymouth & Portland Kite Surfing Club 2002

The founding fathers of the WPKSC as was on holiday in Portugal 2002

Kite Surfing Permits

Portland Port have a permit scheme for watersport users in Portland Harbour and these can be obtained from us or Portland Port directly. They operate a daily, weekly or annual permit and all kite surfers must be in possession of a valid permit and insurance when using Portland Harbour.

The Kite Surf Club

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Local Broken Andy LBA"As a Club, we aim to bring together likeminded Kite surfers , to assist each other in progressing within the sport of Kitesurfing around Weymouth and Portland, whilst encouraging more participation for those that are considering taking up the Sport of Kitesurfing.

You will find useful information and guides for Kitesurfing the different local Kite surf spots of : Portland Harbour, Overcombe, SkatePark, Weymouth Pier Bandstand / Weymouth Seafront, Ringstead, and Kimmeridge Bay , on the Website, along with details for the required Portland Harbour Permits for Kitesurfing in Portland Harbour, and links to order a Portland Harbour Kitesurfing Permit for 2018.

We would ask all members and general visitors alike to respect other stakeholders and abide by the rules for each location to help ensure our efforts to keep access to these great Kite-surf locations open, and in place for the future.

The Club also has a presence on Facebook, where you will find most of its members discussing recent Kite-surf Events, or the next Kitesurfing session planned and who will be out, so please join and support your local club, and get involved.

Finally, we look forward to seeing you at one of our local Kitesurfing spots for a chat or out on the waters..."

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